Thanks so much for stopping by! I'm new to the blogging world and love that it's full of so many amazingly artistic, smart and creative people! I hope to add to the mix by bringing my own unique perspective to the scene. 

Here's a few facts about me, my life and my interests:

God is Real and He is Good. I thank Him daily for my husband, friends, family and cat. Life is all about relationships and I'm so blessed to be surrounded by such amazing people on a daily basis.

Beauty Approach
I'm all about practicality. I thrive on finding products that work well at a reasonable price. And, I love shortcuts. Who has time to spend 20 minutes every morning on makeup alone? 

I'm not afraid of colors or prints. Fashion is so much fun - mixing, matching, adorning, layering, altering - the list goes on! I think that once you find a style and/or cut that flatters your shape you should have fun & run with it!

Role Models
My parents and my pastors. My husband as well - he is the least judgmental person I know which helps me be less critical of myself and others.

Fashion Icons
Sarah-Jessica Parker, Lauren Conrad and Courtney Kerr

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