Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What a Wonder-Fall World!

Hey Guys,

As you may have noticed, I've been MIA for a little while, but I'm back! :-)

For the past month or so, the world has been trying to convince me to embrace fall. Call it the September melancholies, but I wasn't buying it! You see, I live in NYC and while I do enjoy the upcoming holiday season, I really can not take the bitter cold that comes along with it. And to me, fall is just a reminder of what is to come, so it feels sort of ominous in that way. Plus, the days become shorter, my toes go into shoe/boot prison for the next 6 months and I become oh-so-pale during the colder months. This is my September struggle, so it's really not until October, when I'm done fighting the onset of fall, that I am able to fully embrace and enjoy the wonders of the season. Better late than never, right?

Check out some of my fall faves below <3 

Fallin' for  flavors! - Cinnamon, nutmeg & anything pumpkin
From Godiva pumpkin truffles (you HAVE to try these), to pumpkin lattes to pumpkin pie - if it's pumpkin, it's fine by me! 

I'm also drawn into the raw beauty of fall, the robust colors of green turned golden, burnt orange and rust red. It's really once the leaves begin to turn I'm reminded of how fleeting this season really is and to indulge in it's beauty.

Check out my fall color inspired looks with some pattern mixing sprinkled in, of course. ;-)

Reds, oranges & yellows - I love these hues!

And, animal print does well in any season!

I also love that fall weather is perfect hair weather with it's low humidity & brisk breezes for natural volume. Do you agree or do you have any fall faves you'd like to share? 


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