Thursday, May 24, 2012

Skinny Cow / Dirty Dancing Anniversary Screening Event in NYC!

Fun Times @ Skinny Cow / Dirty Dancing Anniversary Screening Event on May 22nd in NYC !

Oh, the memories, the moments, the romance, the dancing!  Dirty Dancing is and has always been my #1 chick flick. I mean, it's not just Swayze's crazy swagger (although it certainly helps). It's always been about Baby and how relatable she is to me and so many other girls. She's not the hottest, the boldest, the baddest or the best, but her sweet sincerity, innocence and vulnerability draw you in.  In many ways, Baby goes through what every girl goes through at some point in her life. She's on the cusp of womanhood, dealing with insecurity, jealousy, disappointment, and experiencing her monumental first love. We can appreciate her evolution throughout the film, from when she was first introduced to us as an awkward, shy, curious and conservative girl to her asserting herself as a confident, bold, hot dancing queen. Having all of this take place to the sweet & sultry soundtrack of classic oldies is perfection. It was an honor to celebrate this milestone 25th anniversary screening in NYC with Jennifer Grey and an audience of 95% women. Each scene flooded my mind with memories of my own metamorphosis from shy girl to confident woman - the highs, lows & romantic rendezvous. Through it all, Dirty Dancing has and always will remain a timeless staple.  

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  1. Someone on my blog is asking about your heels. I completely forgot, what is the name of the designer?


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