Friday, June 22, 2012

Good Morning Surprise!

Hey Lovelies,

This morning I was pleasantly surprised my beautiful husband popping up at my job! He actually came to retrieve his phone which was left in my purse, but it was still a great surprise to see him walk into my office unexpectedly. I'm just so grateful to God for my marriage and the relationship I now have with my husband. We've been married almost 6 years and it has NOT been easy.  There were really rocky roads in our path, but because of the love of God and our obedience to His Word, we have a much better marriage now. God is faithful and His Word works. Whenever I'm in a complain-y sort of mood and get frustrated over the little things, I always remind myself of how my life and marriage used to be and how they are now, and that usually gives me the right dose of "gratitude" I need to snap out of a negative attitude. Change doesn't always happen overnight, but I'm trying to enjoy the process of progress! 

Hope you enjoyed the share!



  1. THanks Moni! That's an awesome reminder. It's so tempting to focus on what's wrong. It's a decision! xo

    1. Thanks Rach! It helps to have inspirational, Godly friends that encourage you. I appreciate you! Xo

  2. That is so awesome. This picture is hilarious, by the way.


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    1. Thanks Amy. This pic pretty much reps our personalities. He's pretty chill and laid back and I'm ths dramatic one. Lol


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