Friday, June 29, 2012

Casual Friday Fun with Cobalt Blue!

Hey Sweets!
I love that we get 2 Casual Fridays a month at work to bring some casual fashion flair to an often corporate, biz casual environment. This week, I figured I'd have some fun with cobalt blue pants and matching geek glasses. I got some flack on the glasses from co-workers but I think they're fun nonetheless. :-)
Have a happy, safe, fun filled weekend!

Shirt - Marshall's 
Pants - Express
Shoes - Naturalizer
Necklace - Express
Glasses - Fun! Lol

Umm, not sure about the leg up pose. Lol

Me Acting Silly.

Love Being Outdoors!


  1. If that's your office it looks amazing! I've decided I need some cobalt pants... saw some at target I may have to pick up (along w/browsing for rain boots!)! :)

    1. Hey Lara, I wish my office was that nice! LOL I was actually at a hotel restaurant near my job and decided to have a quick,fun photo shoot with a friend. Hope you find your pants soon, there are so many fun colored jeans to choose from. :)


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