Friday, June 8, 2012

Summer Beauty Favorites

Hey Guys,

Summer is fast approaching and I'd like to share some of my summer beauty faves with you! Check them out and feel free to share some of yours with me too. :-)

Self Tanner
This is a beauty staple for me all year round, but when the weather is warm and more skin is shown, I apply self tanner once or twice a week. My current fave is Santa Tanita from Urban Decay. This is actually discontinued in stores but is available on the web on sites like I love this formula because it is a light weight mousse that dries fast! It's also tinted so you're less likely to streak.  In fact, I have NEVER streaked with this formula!

Hair Care
During summer, your hair is exposed to the sun, salt water and chlorine. So in order to keep your hair looking healthy, condition, condition, condition. I mean, I hit the conditioner hard during the summer and so should you.  

Here are some recs for a conditioning routine:

Skip the shampoo
My hair could use a good lather about once a week or so. But other than that, I skip the shampoo and co-wash (conditioner wash) my hair. One of the best products on the market today is the Wen Hair Care system. This stuff works well and really nourishes my hair.  It even doubles as a super rich leave in conditioner which is KEY during the summer months.

Leave in Conditioner
As I mentioned, leave in conditioner is a must, especially when your ends need nourishment. When at the beach or pool, I carry some leave in conditioner with me and apply it after getting out of the water. For a more defining leave in conditioner, try Carol's Daughter's Hair Milk. It works wonders for curly haired girls like me.

Deep Conditioning Treatments 
I would recommend doing these once a week or once every other week if your hair is oily.  I really like Nexxus Emergencee as a protein filler for split ends and Ojon makes a great rich deep conditioning product that you actually apply before you shampoo.

Skip the Styling Tools
I like to let my hair air dry in the summer and keep the styling tools to a minimum of once or twice a week. I add a few loose curls here and there to my hair for the beachy look or I wear a braid, pony or bun and avoid the tools altogether. 

Body Butters - A lot of people are big on body butters in the winter when their skin feels dry and cracked. But the sun, ocean and chlorine can also really dry out your skin.  I usually apply body butter after my evening shower, especially after a day at the beach and my skin soaks it up.  This is also a GREAT way to prevent your skin from peeling after too much tanning and/or a sunburn. However, I stay away from applying body butters during the day time when I know I'll be in the sun since they're so thick and become oily in the heat which feels gross. My fave body butters are from the Body Shop, they're good quality and reasonably priced.  

I also LOVE the vanilla coconut body butter from LaVanila. It smells delicious and dreamy. Coconut reminds me of the beach, so I usually carry a travel sized bottle of the body butter in my purse. When I need a mini mind getaway, I apply, close my eyes and breath in the scent and think of the beach.

Lip balm with Sunscreen 
I hate sunburned lips! Besides feeling like you've had way too many hot wings, they look red, swollen and irritated. When I know I'll be out in the sun, I apply Softlips lip balm in Coconut Dream to avoid burned lips. If you want a glossier look Neutrogena also makes great lip glosses with sunscreen.

Eye cream with Sunscreen
Now if burnt lips are bad, a burnt eye area is worse. The skin around your eyes is thinner than the skin on your face, so it needs special nourishment and protection. In the summer, I use an eye cream with sunscreen  to avoid sun overexposure to my eye area. Ole Henrickson makes a good sun-friendly eye cream and it's all natural. Big summer hats are also a plus when you're in the sun to further protect your skin.

Peppermint Foot Scub & Foot Lotion
I'm usually more active in the summer. I enjoy walking, shopping in the city and engaging in outdoor activities with friends & family. This takes a toll on my feet and I look to the Body Shop's peppermint foot scrub and lotion to comfort my feet after a long day.  This minty mix cools, soothes, and moisturizes my feet.

A bright Mani! 
Ahh, there's nothing like a fresh mani and summer manis are especially fun. My nails look forward to this time of year where there's an array of fun, bright palettes to choose from. I'm really diggin neons this year. A neon mani makes me feel fresh, crisp and it compliments a nice tan.

A Good, Long-Lasting Deodorant! - Now, we all need this and especially during summer. Secret Clinical Protection in Waterproof formula is the best drugstore deodorant hands down. It's long-lasting and absorbs quickly so it doesn't stain my clothing like other deodorants. 

Body Bronzer - I use this to add color, shimmer and shine to my arms, legs and shoulders. A summer must-have!

Happy Summer!!



  1. OMG!! i need to be lying on this beach with sand and water on my toes. Great beauty reviews.

  2. monica you are awesome! lol thats all. Love you. Gina <3

    1. Thanks my darling Gina! I love you too boo! xxoo


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