Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Beach Tanning Tips!

Hey Beauties!

This past weekend I hooked up with friends and headed to la playa (beach in espanol)! :)
So, I'll be honest, in spite of all the news reports & my new found crows feet, ahem, I mean "laugh lines" - I still love to tan! But in my 30 years, I've grown wiser on how to achieve a healthier tan and avoid sunburn and skin damage! Check out my "tan technique" below:

Tan Technique:
Leave the house with a sunscreen of at least an spf 15 or above already on your face. Your day time face lotion should already contain sunscreen. If not, buy one that does. :)

As soon as I arrive to the beach and set up shop, I lather up my back, chest, neck and face again -including ears- with spf 15 or 30.  I apply a tanning oil with spf 8 to my legs and arms since they rarely burn and my legs are especially white and the hardest part of my body to tan.

Once I'm lathered up, I lay in the direction of the sun and rotate with the sun as it changes it's position. This may sound weird, but it is key to obtaining an even tan.  Once you're done on the first side, lather up your backside and turn over.  I usually tan for 30 minute intervals on each side, so I can get a good gauge on my tan progress and this also helps prevent burning.

Remember, ALWAYS reapply sunscreen after (even before) getting in the water, even if your sunscreen is "waterproof."  Multiple layers of sunscreen really helps prevent burning and skin damage.

Tan Line Tip:
I also try to wear strapless bathing suits and bandeau tops to avoid ugly tan lines.  But, if you do get tan lines, apply sunless tanner after you shower and this will help blend in the uneven skin tones. I also usually apply self tanner every couple of days in between beach visits to amplify & maintain my tan. This really helps achieve the ultimate "golden glow" and blend in any inconsistencies in color. The best part is, when you apply self tanner to already tanned skin, it looks super natural and rarely ever looks streaky!

Don't forget your hat to help protect your face and hair!

It's always fun in the sun! ;-)

Have any beach or tanning tips to share? Include them in the comments below!


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