Friday, July 6, 2012

Fab Find Friday!

Hey Loves!

I'm starting a new weekly post called "Fab Find Fridays" that will feature something fabulous each week, whether it be a beauty product, an amazing store, salon, sale, bargain or a beauty technique. I'm always on the look out for new products, great deals and time saving beauty tips, and I'd love to share these with you in these weekly posts.

Check out this week's Fab Find Friday!

  European Wax Center -

Now, there aren't many things I hate about summer, but bikini waxing is definitely one of them! Now, yes we should all be well groomed all year round, but let's face it ladies, this is not always the case, especially during winter months.  During those cold pale days, you can get away with moderate shaving and trimming and take a break from the aggressive pulling and plucking.  But it's summer and waxing is the best way to ensure a clean, bare beach look.

But, where should you go for a waxing or should you just do it yourself?  Well, there are a variety of spas and salons that offer waxing, but the better ones (and you do want a better one) will definitely cost you ... until now!  Check out European Wax Center.  They are a nationwide chain of quality wax "spas" that offer a variety of waxing services for men and women.  The best part is that you get your first bikini line wax (or other promotional wax) free! Yup, free, no gimmicks. If you want a more extensive waxing like a full bikini wax or Brazilian wax, you get 50% off your first visit. They also have a rewards type program that offers you $5 off a visit for each friend you refer to the salon.  

I recently went to the European Wax Center in Rutherford, NJ with a friend and we both had good experiences.  They used quality hard wax, the place was spotless and the staff friendly.  But, yes the waxing still hurt like heck. :-/

They also have a pre and post waxing skin care line which was nice but overpriced. It seems as if you could get similar products at your local drugstore for much less.

For those brave mavens that aren't afraid of a DIY bikini waxing, check out my post on DIY bikini waxing for some tips:

Have a wonderful weekend!


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