Thursday, July 12, 2012

Enjoy Your Life!

Check out these cool quotes that inspire me to live and love every day that is given to me. Sometimes I get trapped in the work/gym/cook/clean/events/appointments flow of life and become so busy that I neglect to appreciate and enjoy the life God has given to me. I constantly need to remind myself to take it easy and enjoy life and even its most simple pleasures. I literally make a choice to smile more, overlook "special" folks and their behavior and not stress out over stuff - whether it be my husband's socks on the floor or an unexpected bill. I trust God and know I'm on His side and He's on mine, so there's no need to for me to operate out of fear and anxiety. Today, I make up my mind to enjoy my life and not take myself too seriously and encourage you to do the same!



  1. That is so true about enjoying the little things. I have such great memories of my 3 year old when he was about 10 months old. We would hang out in his room and he would 'read' all of the books on his book shelf and I would read one of my books. It was so relaxing and sweet. Now life just seems to be crazy!!


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    1. Tell me about it! Life just gets busier & busier with more to do. I just need to chillax and relish in the good things for a while. That's such a sweet memory about your son, thanks for sharing! xoxo

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