Friday, July 27, 2012

Fab Find Friday! 5 Reasons I'm Using Noxema + Ode to 90s Slang

-This stuff works!-

Hey Guys!

Remember this 90s Noxema Icon?!
For those of you that don't know I'm borderline obsessed with everything 90's (excluding some elements of fashion- but hey nothing is perfect). From its music, to its TV shows, movies and artsy vibe, the 90's was da bomb. And yes, as an ode to the 90's this post will be sprinkled with 90's slang and terminology. You're welcome. ;-)

Anyway, back to making this a beauty post. This summer, a friend of mine experienced sunburn and I recommended Noxema to help soothe her burnt skin.  At the mention of Noxema, I felt all old school and nostalgic memories of 90's Noxema girls splashing the smiling faces over sinks came to mind. Now, Noxema girls were the originators of excessive face splashing commercials. These new millennium Neutrogena girls are just bitin'. So, I decided to buy Noxema and see if it was really all that.

Here are 5 reasons I think Noxema is Dope:

1. It's great for normal to combination skin! I have combination skin and think Noxema works really well. It doesn't dry out my "dry spots" yet doesn't neglect my oily T-zone. It provides a perfect balance for my skin and it leaves my face feeling fresh, clean and never tight or dry.
2.  Its smell! I'm actually a big fan of minty scents. I feel like they are rejuvenating and refreshing and Noxema is both. Sometimes my face needs a boost, especially when I wake up and the menthol in Noxema delivers. I also like the subtle minty tingle.
3.  It's inexpensive. I felt like slapping myself once I realized that I've spent hundreds over the years on department store cleansers and/or the pricier drugstore brands and they never really worked for me. They were just like yeah, whatever. Noxema works better for me and it's like $4 a jar!
4.  It doubles as shaving cream. Yup, that's phat! I hate shower clutter so the fewer items in the shower, the better! Word.
5.  It's excellent at providing sunburn relief with it's cooling menthol and soothing moisturizers. For best results, refrigerate the jar first then apply. 

So, are you down with Noxema yet? Give it a try!

Peace Out.


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  1. "True That" Son...uh I mean Mon...Noxema is "da bomb". Abuela (my 90 year old grandma) who aint no "herb" has used this product her entire life and she looks amazing!!! I would say 77 the oldest?? Even this compliment would not roll with her. But yes Noxema is a "killa kool" inexpensive product worth trying out if you have not already. Moni got true Skills and look forward towards many more informative and funny writings my "dogz"....xxoo


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